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A new way
to play


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The joy of collecting meets the convenience of streaming.

Plynth is a new way to play your favorite music. Put on any vinyl, CD or cassette start listening. That’s it.

How It Works

Step 1

Place a vinyl, CD, tape, VHS, DVD, piece of artwork–anything, really–onto Plynth.

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Step 2

Plynth uses its built-in camera to scan and identify the work.

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Step 3

Plynth starts streaming your music on your connected speakers or home stereo system.

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…or just ask Bob:


Why Plynth?

For music lovers just starting their collection

Always wanted a record collection, but didn’t know where to start? Plynth makes it easy. Play anything, even records that are scratched or damaged. Skip the screen, play Plynth instead.

For vinyl owners looking for a new way to play

Keep your vinyls in mint condition and explore your collection with friends. Avoid the skipping, flipping and scratching. Listen in any room. It’s a fun, simple addition to any home music system.


Interested in Plynth? We’d love your feedback–and we’re looking for testers! Sign up and we’ll reach out.


It’s not magic, but it sure feels like it.

Plynth relies on image recognition to instantly play your music from a linked streaming service or personal music library. It’ll play whatever you put on it–not only vinyls and CDs, but custom mixtapes linked on artwork in your home, playlists attached to family photos or even a movie soundtrack from a VHS.

Plynth plays your collection right out of the box and gives you the freedom to link your own playlists and artwork. Build your collection however you want.

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Interested in Plynth? We’re currently looking for feedback and beta testers. Sign up and we’ll reach out!