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Play your records without the record player

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The joy of collecting meets the convenience of streaming.

Plynth™ is a new way to play music. Place any vinyl, CD or cassette onto Plynth and start listening to your music. That’s it.

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Let our friend Bob show you how it works
(Please turn your sound on)


Why Plynth?


Plynth combines the joy of collecting with the convenience of streaming, using advanced image recognition software in a simple, user-friendly device. It makes it easy to enjoy your favorite music it in its original format. Music that’s been locked away on vinyl, cassettes, CDs is now made accessible.

Plynth was born out of our love of vinyl records, and our frustration with the downsides–the risk of damaging precious albums, the inconvenience of a bulky turntable, the challenge of installing an expensive stereo system, the disappointment of buying a used record that turned out to be scratched. We wanted a simple way to enjoy, appreciate and display the music we cared about. So we created Plynth.


It’s not magic, but it sure feels like it.

Plynth uses image recognition software to play albums, CDs, cassettes–in fact any object with an associated playlist–just by placing it on Plynth. It’s cool and convenient, small and subtle. It protects LPs and plays them even if they are scratched and damaged. No skipping or flipping. No pesky needle. It’s great for parties, perfect for kids and a great way to pursue a passion for vinyl. Collect and display while keeping them in perfect condition–you don't even have to remove them from the frame. A real conversation starter that fits perfectly in any room.


Our Products



The classic player. Sleek, simple, and plays anything.

  • A music lover’s dream that plays any media

  • Small, convenient and maintenance-free. Perfect for an apartment or dorm

  • Protects your albums. No flipping, skipping or scratching

  • Wifi-enabled for smart speaker connection.

  • Aux (headphone) out

  • Works with Spotify Premium account

Plynth Premium

Plynth™ Pro

Upgraded for audiophiles. Top quality components and lossless audio streaming.

  • A music lover’s dream that plays any media

  • Small, convenient and maintenance-free

  • Protects your albums. No flipping, skipping or scratching

  • Wifi-enabled for smart speaker connection

  • Optical audio out

  • Works with Deezer HiFi

  • Highest quality components


Why call it “Plynth”?


“Plinth” is the name for the rectangular base of a record plater. But it’s also the marble base that holds up a statue, from the Greek for ‘tile’ or ‘brick’. Like the base of a statue, Plynth can now serve as the foundation for collecting, displaying and enjoying the music you love in its original, old-school formats. Music the way the artist intended. Story telling that unfolds and brings you closer to its actual meaning. Oh, and “Plynth” is also a pretty great song by the Jeff Beck Group. So that’s cool.


Our Team


We’re a collection of creators with a passion for art and music and a history of bringing new products to life.



Is this real?

Yes, this is real, and going into production later this year. It’s tested with music lovers. Backed by a team of creatives, engineers and marketers. It’s real. It’s here. And it’s pretty damn fun.

How does it work?

It’s magic. Well, it’s the magic of the Internet, software and engineering. Plynth uses image recognition software to scan and identify whatever you place on it and start playing music from your streaming service of choice.

Can it play any album?

Any album. Well, maybe not that obscure, limited-press jazz album that’s been collecting mold in your uncle’s basement since the sixties. But Plynth will play any commercially released album that’s available on your streaming music service.

But you’re not actually playing the record?

Well, not technically. Plynth allows you to access that music in a simple, satisfying way, displaying the album for friends and family while eliminating the skips, scratches and damage of LPs.  

What streaming service does it work with?

At launch, Plynth will work with Spotify and possibly Google Play. We’ll be adding more as fast as we can.

Can you play more than Vinyls, CDs and Tapes?

Not at the moment.

But up there you said you can place any object on Plynth?

Yeah, but–

And what do you mean “at the moment”?

Well, see–

What if I placed a DVD on it?

Alright, ok. The soundtrack would play. But it’s not 100% effective so we’re not advertising it yet.

Wait, really?

Yes, really. Same for video games, VHS, maybe even movie posters. Eventually you’ll be able to scan any media and link it to an album, playlist, audiobook, spoken word poetry, podcast, whatever. You could link your wedding photos to your wedding playlist. Or your favorite bands could link concert merch to albums or setlists.Or your craft brewery wants to release its own playlist without licensing costs or complications (don’t you just hate lawyers?). Just place a can on Plynth, and it starts playing.

Ok, you got me. How do I order?

Plynth is launching this summer. Be the first to know by signing up now.


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